Dundalk Lottery Fan Shocked by Scratch-off Luck

Lottery fan Terry Ader of Dundalk is still celebrating his weeks-old $10,000 scratch-off win.

Wins $10,000 playing $1,000,000 Platinum Play game

Terry Ader’s $10,000 worth of Maryland Lottery luck is the talk of Dundalk! The retired grocery store employee, who still moonlights in the food market business, has told everyone he knows about his winning $1,000,000 Platinum Play scratch-off. And, the Dundalk resident knows a lot of people.

“I’m a big Lottery fan, I play all of the games,” the 66-year-old said after claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters. Whenever he has a few spare dollars or life brings him near a Lottery retailer, Terry picks out a scratch-off.

“I was getting gas at the Royal Farms store and noticed the vending machine. That’s all it took,” he said. Picking out a $1,000,000 Platinum Play instant ticket, Terry scratched his $20 game in the store parking lot. “I must have sat there for a half hour staring at it. I couldn’t believe it was real.”

After sharing his news with his best friend and Lottery partner, the Dundalk man spread word of his win everywhere he went. His part-time job takes him all over eastern Baltimore County, so the story has spread beyond Dundalk. “It’s been a thrill, it really has. I just love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I tell them the story.”

Good fortune found Terry at Royal Farms #68 at 7701 German Hill Road in Baltimore. As for the $10,000 prize he claimed on Tuesday, Terry said the winnings will go toward making his retirement a bit more relaxing.

The $1,000,000 Platinum Play game has plenty of big winners still available including two $1 million top prizes, two $50,000 prizes and 14 more $10,000 prizes.