Dundalk Man Finds 2nd Big Dose of Lottery Luck

Roosevelt Hensley Jr. - Blingo Bingo_webLottery luck comes to call for the second time for Dundalk’s Roosevelt Hensley Jr. His new $10,000 win on a Blingo Bingo scratch- off follows a $50,000 scratch-off win in 2005.

Wins $10,000 playing Blingo Bingo scratch-off

Roosevelt Hensley Jr. is no stranger to Maryland Lottery wins. However, neither he nor his family could believe that he just won his second big scratch-off prize in 10 years. A lucky $10 Blingo Bingo scratch-off delivered his latest $10,000 prize.

The painter from Baltimore County found his good fortune on a routine Saturday afternoon. He bought four Blingo Bingo scratch-offs at the US Mart located at 2139 Dundalk Avenue in Dundalk and took them home to enjoy. While watching TV that evening, the Dundalk man scratched his tickets and discovered the first three were non-winners. That’s when he got a “funny feeling” about the fourth instant ticket.

The father of six, who typically wins small amounts on scratch-offs, thought the odds were good that his last instant ticket would carry a prize of $50 or $100. Was he ever in for a surprise! Scratching that ticket, Roosevelt first saw what he thought was a $500 win. The 67-year-old took his ticket back to the US Mart to cash it and buy more scratch-offs. When he scanned the ticket, however, the message from the Lottery terminal said “see Lottery agent.” He knew he’d hit it big for a second time.

“That’s when I put my glasses on and really looked at it again,” said the happy Lottery player.

After looking closer at the scratch-off, he saw that he had won not $500 but $10,000! He couldn’t believe that good fortune had found him again and called his son with the news. Having seen his dad win $50,000 on a scratch-off in 2005, his son responded, “You’re kidding! Again?”

Roosevelt kept his ticket close at all times. He hid it in his pocket for two days and in a book next to his bed when he slept. “I wanted to keep it close by,” he said.

The lucky man plans to use the prize for a trip to Ocean City with his daughter, who just graduated from high school. Roosevelt is also going to spend his prize on property taxes, will put the money into the bank and buy a Multi- Match ticket!

The Blingo Bingo scratch-off still has three $100,000 top prizes available and six $10,000 prizes.