Dundalk Man Turns $30 Win Into $100,000 Prize

A Baltimore County Government Employee was on break from work on Monday and decided to play some Maryland Lottery scratch-off games. The 50-year-old Dundalk resident first bought and played some Silver and Gold scratch-offs which yielded $30 in winnings. He took that money and asked the cashier to give him three Green Bucks tickets. He scratched them right there in the store. The second scratch-off in the batch was the big $100,000 winner.

“It was hard to keep my composure when saw I won $1,000, then another $1,000 and then triple $1,000,” he said. “Each row I scratched revealed winning amounts, it was incredible.” The winner discretely put his winning ticket away and went back to work not telling anyone about his good fortune.

Good luck must run in the family. The lucky player told us that about a year ago he visited Lottery Headquarters with a family member who also won playing a scratch-off game. “I was familiar with the process, because I was here with my uncle when he won $50,000,” he said.

The father-of-two said that he will use his winnings to pay for his daughters’ educations. He said he will also save some for his retirement and maybe purchase some property. The winning ticket was purchased at the Wise Avenue Citgo located at 220 Wise Ave. in Dundalk.