Dundalk Man Wins $30,000 Playing Fruit Twist Crossword Scratch-off

The Dundalk winner who arrived at Lottery Headquarters today is a big fan of scratch-offs that take a big longer to play — and he’s been lucky enough to win a few dollars playing them. But, nothing like the $30,000 win from the Fruit Twist Crossword game.

“I love games like crossword, because it takes some thought and it’s fun making the words,” said the 46-year-old nurse. On the way to work on Saturday, he bought two crossword games, a new one and an older one and scratched them both in the store.

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“I kept revealing more and more words,” he said. “I thought it was a $1000 win.” He took the ticket to the cashier who checked it, but the clerk wasn’t sure either. So, the winner, still not knowing the exact amount, went to work. But, as luck would have it, he was able to leave early and went home. It was there that he realized that he missed a letter, which meant a bigger win. “I didn’t want to assume, so I headed back to the store to have it checked again,” said the father-of-three with a smile. To his surprise, the cashier handed him a receipt saying that he’d won $30,000!

He later shared the news with his wife and kids. He described the win as surreal and kind of weird. The lucky man plans to save some of the winnings, make some home repairs and use a little for some fun. The winning ticket was purchased at the Wise Avenue Citgo located at 220 Wise Avenue in Dundalk.