Dundalk Man’s ‘Just In Case’ Powerball Ticket Purchase Pays Off

Lottery hobbyist wins $50,000 in May 9 drawing

A Dundalk retiree who buys Powerball and Mega Millions tickets “just in case” he wins big saw his investment in the May 9 Powerball drawing yield a $50,000 surprise.

The self-described Maryland Lottery hobbyist bought his $2 quick-pick ticket at Drug City Pharmacy in Dundalk. The Baltimore County man likes to play the in-state jackpot game Multi-Match, but also chases Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots. “I purchase those tickets to keep the dream alive,” he said.

The single line of Powerball numbers he purchased went unchecked until the end of May, when the 69-year-old viewed the drawing’s results at mdlottery.com. When he saw the numbers, he just had to shout. “That looks like $50,000!” he yelled, attracting the attention of his wife. She saw the ticket and was stunned by the big win.

In addition to celebrating their Powerball achievement, the couple is celebrating 36 years of marriage and the first year of retirement. The lucky windfall will let them pursue two of their favorite activities: home improvements and travel. They also plan to pay off their bills with the prize and put a significant portion of the win into their nest egg.

Want to try your luck with his Lottery retailer? Visit Drug City Pharmacy located at 2805 North Point Road in Baltimore County.