Dundalk Woman Extremely Excited About Extreme 8s Win

The 48-year-old Dundalk woman is no stranger to Lottery play or wins for that matter. A long-time Lottery fan, she particularly likes Keno and Pick 4 and has taken home substantial prizes in the past. But, Friday’s Extreme 8s purchase yielded her largest win to date.

The mother-of-one was at one of her favorite Lottery retailers playing some Keno, when she decided to buy five Extreme 8s tickets. After finishing her Keno fun, she headed out to her car. It was there that she scratched her way to her $50,000 prize. “The first one wasn’t a winner,” she said. “The second – no win. I started scratching the third and saw a matching number which gave me an $8,888 prize and I just started smiling.”

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The smile would soon get even bigger as her prize continued to grow. “I scratched the whole ticket and everything was a winner.” She quickly called her daughter to share the good news, then took pen and paper and starting calculating how much richer she was. “I just won $50,000,” she said to herself.

The winner said she immediately signed the ticket so ensure no one else could claim it and went home to tell her husband about their good fortune. “He didn’t believe it,” she said. “Once he saw it, he was very excited and gave me a high five.”

She received another enthusiastic high five the next day when she returned to the Lottery retailer and shared her news.  Although the winner wants to keep her newfound wealth under her hat, she’s been so excited that she’s told a few other family members. “I just couldn’t keep it in,” she said with a huge grin. Plans for her winnings include a trip with her husband, paying bills, saving and sharing with her daughter. The winning ticket was purchased at North Point Liquors, located at1108 North Point Rd. in Baltimore County.