Dundalk Woman Quietly Claims Big Win

Woman wins $30,000 top prize on Lucky Lines scratch-off

A Dundalk woman and her mom came into Lottery headquarters last week, excited to have finally won a top prize on a scratch-off. Originally the woman bought her Lucky Lines scratch-off due to the “extended play” feature, but found her win quickly on the second line. A strawberry, star and banana were quickly revealed along with a $30,000 Lucky Lines scratch-off.

The 29-year-old checked her ticket in the convenience store where she purchased it and saw very quickly that she was a winner. “I thought I was crazy, when I looked over my ticket and saw that I had won,” said the woman seriously. Instead of jumping for joy, the woman kept her emotions in check and left quietly to avoid drawing attention. “I stayed very quiet after I saw how much I had won.”

After years of playing, the most money the woman had ever won was five hundred dollars, so the $30,000 win was very welcomed. “We’re both big players,” said her mother. “I’m very happy one of us finally won something big.”

Both women are anxious to continue purchasing scratch-offs stating with a chuckle, “After all, you have to ‘Play to win,’ right?” The woman plans to pay off her debts and save the rest for a rainy day with the winnings. Her luck found her at the Royal Farms #068 at 7701F German Hill Road in Baltimore.