Dundalk Woman Wins $100,000 Money Money Money Top Prize

Money Money MoneyThe retired Harbor Tunnel toll employee barely made it to Lottery Headquarters today.  Despite her profession, she has a phobia of being in enclosed places.  The tunnel, the beltway and the elevator ride proved to be nerve-racking for this lucky winner. After confronting her fears and navigating the challenging route, the 64-year-old arrived at Lottery Headquarters to claim her $100,000 prize on the Money Money Money scratch-off ticket. “I came through the tunnel, the wind was blowing and I was shaking,” said the woman, who was accompanied by one of her sons and a friend of the family to claim her winnings

Although thrilled with her newfound wealth, she was so nervous and excited about making the trip to Lottery Headquarters that her stomach was upset. “It’s still upset,” she told Lottery officials. Recounting her winning experience, she said “When I saw all those 0’s I thought I was seeing things. First I laughed. Then I cried.”  She attempted to call her son but was unable to reach him. “I won and couldn’t tell anyone. I left my son a message saying ‘Call me, call me.’” When finally delivering the good news, her son’s response was that he would have to see the ticket himself. “He thought I was pulling his leg,” she said.

The winner intends to use her windfall to purchase a new car, have a nice Christmas for her large family and fix her kitchen floor. The winning ticket was purchased at Wise Avenue Citgo located at 220 Wise Ave. in Baltimore County.  The Money Money Money scratch-off still has a $100,000 top prize remaining on the ticket.