Dunkirk Man Maryland’s Newest Lottery Millionaire

Martin Stepney - Lucky 7s Game Book

Martin Stepney and his proud brother pose with Martin’s $1 million win.

Wins Lucky 7’s Game Book Top Prize

Dunkirk resident Martin Stepney had been playing the Lottery’s Lucky 7s Game Book since it came out last summer. It quickly became his favorite game to play after several $500 wins. While Martin was very excited about those wins, they seem to pale in comparison to the $1 million top prize he claimed today, solidifying Lucky 7’s Gamebook as his all-time favorite scratch-off.

“I stopped in to my regular place yesterday to play a Pick 4 number when I suddenly remembered a dream I had last week about a huge Lottery win,” the single 49-year-old home improvement contractor told officials. Martin purchased his favorite instant game and sat down to play it in the store.
It was good Martin was sitting down; because he had quite the shock of his life once he began checking his ticket. “When I saw zero after zero after zero in the prize section I jumped up and ran to the counter to tell the cashier – I know the folks that run the place. Everyone in the store was celebrating with lots of hugs.”

Martin went immediately to his brother’s house to share the news. “He saw my face and figured something was wrong. I had to calm him down before I told him about the money,” he joked. “When I did, the hugs started again.”

Still shocked by such a big win, Martin has no immediate plans for his new fortune. “It’s too soon. In all the excitement I haven’t had time to think about what I might do.” That will change soon, no doubt. The million dollar winner was purchased from the Town Center Amoco at 10855 Town Center Boulevard in Dunkirk. Lucky 7s Game Book still has three more $1 million prizes available.