Early $50,000 Holiday Gift for Baltimore Woman

Wins Nutcracker Cash Doubler Scratch-Off Top Prize

It was the day after Thanksgiving when a 65-year-old Baltimore woman’s luck quickly changed. She was trying to play her Keno numbers, but couldn’t play them in time. This upset the Lottery player, especially when a few of her numbers came out. So, she randomly chose a Nutcracker Cash Doubler scratch-off, which turned out to be a $50,000 winner.

“I was so angry when I didn’t get my Keno numbers in and then to see some of my numbers come out,” she said. “But, winning $50,000 on that scratch-off, surely made up for it.”

The mother-of-five and grandmother-of-two immediately went home and shared the news with her family. Her happy mood temporarily went south when her son jokingly put the scratch-off in the VCR and it almost got stuck. “I grabbed that ticket and put it in my dresser for safe keeping,” she said.

The lucky lady, who is employed as a caregiver, said she will use her money towards her mortgage and the upcoming holidays.  The winning ticket was purchased at 714 Church Street in Brooklyn.