Eastern Shore Couple Claims $24,000 Keno Prize

Matches five of five numbers with a 4x Super Bonus

An Eastern Shore couple who shared appetizers and a few rounds of Keno at Taylor’s Neighborhood Restaurant in Berlin on Friday left with a lot of clams – $24,000 worth, to be exact. Their five-draw Keno ticket delivered a hefty prize!

The engaged couple picked their own Keno numbers – a 5-spot consisting of birthdays – and added the Super Bonus feature in hopes of multiplying any prize. They enjoyed their meal and watched the Keno monitor. The excitement began with the start of the third game on their ticket.

“I was watching and the numbers kept coming out,” said the gentleman, a merchant marine. “Once I saw that we matched four numbers, I started getting excited.”

Matching five of five Keno numbers pays $300. The couple played $20 per game and the Super Bonus produced a 4x multiplier, bringing the win to $24,000.

They don’t know yet what they will do with their windfall but said they look forward to spending time together.

Taylor’s Neighborhood Restaurant located at 11021 Nicholas Lane in Berlin also wins. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, the retailer will receive a $240 bonus from the Lottery.