‘Eastern Shore Golden Boy’ Strikes Gold with $50,000 Winning Scratch-off

This “Eastern Shore Golden Boy” won $50,000 on a Gold Rush x100 scratch-off!

Surprises fiancé with a honeymoon to Cancun

A small-business owner who went into his local BJ’s Wholesale Club simply to renew his company’s membership came out as a big Maryland Lottery scratch-off winner.

The 43-year-old usually plays Pick 4 and Ravens scratch-offs, but the new $2 and $10 Ravens games had not yet launched when he entered the store located at 28410 Marlboro Avenue in Easton.

“I walked in, just looking to pay my membership fees, and I saw the family of Gold Rush scratch-offs and decided to get the $20 one,” said the winner, who nicknamed himself “Eastern Shore Golden Boy.” “I was only in there for one thing and left a $50,000 winner!”

The Easton resident bought the Gold Rush X100 game and scratched it in the store. His fiancée was standing nearby and became curious when “Eastern Shore Golden Boy” started smiling. She thought he won a few dollars and nothing more. Then, the winner pulled out his phone to scan the scratch-off using his Maryland Lottery app. Once he scanned the instant ticket, his demeanor started to change.

“I placed my finger on the screen to start scanning the ticket and the app said I was a winner,” he said. “I was happy, because I thought I won $50. After I moved my finger, I saw I won $50,000 and started to yell out to my fiancée.”

“Eastern Shore Golden Boy” and his fiancée look forward to having a small wedding and reception, as they previously planned. However, the big scratch-off win will enable the pair to enjoy a honeymoon in Cancun. The loyal player plans to invest the remaining funds into his business and into savings for their future life together.

“She is an amazing woman,” he said, while looking at his fianceé and holding her hand. “We deserve to get away and take a vacation together.”

The Gold Rush X100 game, which is one of five in the Gold Rush family of scratch-off games, is packed with prizes. Players can hunt for six unclaimed $1,000,000 top prizes and 11 more $50,000 prizes. Other games in this fun family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $10 Gold Rush X50 scratch-offs.