Eastern Shore Man Turns Black into Green

A 50-year-old Eastern Shore man is the latest winner of one of the seven $50,000 prizes on the Black ticket.  He couldn’t be happier as his win came just in time for planned renovations on his home.

The lucky man decided to purchase two Black tickets simply because he was attracted to the sleek design of the scratch-off.  He took the tickets and scratched them on his way home.  The first ticket he played was the winning $50,000 ticket.  He stopped at a local convenience store to confirm the win.

“I have a big surprise for you,” he said to his wife as he called her on the phone.  Although he called her, he waited until he arrived home to tell her what the surprise was.  “My wife had to take a puff of her inhaler when I told her how much I won,” he said.   The winner also won an additional $25 off the second Black ticket, which he waited to scratch until he got home.

The fortunate man works as an inventory manager at a tree nursery.  He plans to use the money for renovations for his home and to buy new furniture.  He also intends to give some money to his 30-year-old stepson.

The winning Black ticket was purchased at Galena Mini Market, located at 101 N. Main Street. in Galena. There is still $1 million top-prize remaining on the ticket, along with many other amounts, including three $50,000 prizes.