‘Easy Riders’ Cruise Away with $3.6 Million Multi-Match Jackpot Prize

Easy Riders - $3.6 Million Multi-Match Jackpot

A pair of “Easy Riders” cruised into Maryland Lottery headquarters so the
21-year-old son could claim the $3.6 million Multi-Match jackpot prize.

Son purchased winning ticket during birthday celebration

Two weeks after the $3.6 million Multi-Match jackpot was hit, an easygoing father and son team from Pasadena turned up at Maryland Lottery headquarters so the son could claim the fourth largest jackpot in Multi-Match history.

The son purchased the winning ticket at Sun Valley Liquors in Glen Burnie while celebrating his recent 21st birthday with his father. The lucky man, who has played Multi-Match a handful of times, decided to buy the ticket that day because his father plays the game regularly. His dad always had a feeling that Sun Valley Liquors would have a big win one day.

The son never saw results of the June 8 drawing and never checked his numbers. In fact, he simply stored the lucky ticket in his truck’s center console while he was working at an out-of-state construction job. Life became exciting when he received a phone call from his father.

“He asked me if I had checked my ticket, saying that someone from Sun Valley had won,” the son said.

He shared the numbers on his Quick-Pick ticket with his father, who checked the drawing results and was shocked to see each number on his son’s ticket matched the winning jackpot numbers. The son immediately began planning a trip home to Anne Arundel County to claim the prize.

His Multi-Match jackpot win is the first of 2015. The top three Multi-Match jackpot wins were $4.8 million on Sept. 19, 2009; $4.45 million on March 18, 2010 and $3.8 million on Dec. 16, 2010.

The son opted to take his prize as a lump sum, receiving a one-time payment of $1.8 million after taxes. He plans to share a portion of that prize with his family and spend only a portion. “I’m not a big spender. I want to make it last,” he said, adding that he plans to purchase a home. He also hopes to start his own construction business and may invest some of the funds in that future venture.

For selling the jackpot-winning ticket, Sun Valley Liquors located at 7933 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard received a $3,600 bonus from the Lottery.