Edgewater Man is $50,000 Richer After Routine Convenience Store Stop

William Colburn - Crossword Multiplier

William Colburn won “big money” playing Crossword Multiplier.

Claims Top Prize on Crossword Multiplier

Friday afternoon, 53-year-old William Colburn of Anne Arundel County made his routine stop at his local convenience store where he and his friends often socialize and play the Lottery.  The day was no different then any other when he purchased two Crossword Multiplier scratch-offs, one of his favorite games.  Not sure if he had won, William asked his retailer to scan the ticket.  When “Cash at Lottery” appeared on the screen, the store worker told him, “You’ve won big money.”

After pacing around the store and showing the ticket to his buddies, William decided to call his wife at work and tell her the big news.  “I thought something terrible had happened because when William called me, he asked me if I was sitting down,” said his wife, who had accompanied him to Lottery Headquarters. He reassured her that everything was fine and that he thinks he just won a large sum of money.  One of Mrs. Colburn’s fellow co-workers shouted, “Make sure he signs the back of the ticket!” Signing your tickets is great advice for anyone who wins any sum of money, large or small, so that no one else can cash your winnings.

A few hours later, the Colburn’s were at Lottery Headquarters still in disbelief that they had actually just claimed a $50,000 winning ticket.  “My hands are still sweating,” William joked.  The couple said that they plan to put most of the money in the bank and pay off a few bills. Mrs. Colburn laughed, saying she would like to go on vacation but she doesn’t think William will want to leave his  four cats at home. Instead, they will enjoy a nice dinner together.

The winning ticket was sold at Lucky’s Superette, 119 Mayo Road, Edgewater, MD 21037.