Edgewater Man Scores $1 Million Touchdown with Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-Off [VIDEO]


First of Three $1 Million Instant Top Prizes Claimed

David Brady - Ravens Cash FantasySoft-spoken David Brady arrived at Lottery headquarters this afternoon accompanied by his wife, Rachel, and dad, David Brady Sr., to claim his $1 million Ravens Cash Fantasy prize. The 27-year-old was admittedly still in shock at having scored the first big instant win on the football-themed ticket. A salesman for a beverage company, David had stopped to visit his client at the 7-11, located at 500 Donaldson Rd. in Severn. With $5 in his pocket, he decided to buy one Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket.

“I was going to get a couple of Mega Millions and Powerball tickets,” said David. “But, I’d been really lucky with Ravens Cash Fantasy, so I bought that ticket instead.” In fact, every one of the six tickets he’d bought since they went on sale, except for one, was a winner. “I’d been buying the tickets for the EXTRA YARDS. I wanted those Ravens season tickets,” he explained. “I never thought I’d win a million dollars. Even though it’s now official, I still don’t believe it.”

David discovered his millionaire status sitting in his car outside the 7-11 store.  He immediately called his wife to share the news, but couldn’t convince her that he was telling the truth. “She made me send a picture of the ticket on my cell phone,” he said.  Once persuaded, Rachel sent out a mass message to friends and family. The happy couple, who has three small children, has big plans for their windfall. “We’re going to buy a house,” said David. “A rancher, with a pool and fence,” elaborated Rachel. The twosome, who lost their rental home due to a fire in 2006, never envisioned home ownership in their future. “I teared up thinking about having my own house,” said Rachel.

David intends to keep buying Ravens Cash Fantasy tickets. “I still want those season tickets, plus there are two more big prizes out there,” he said with a chuckle, referring to the two $1 million instant prizes still available. “Yesterday started out rough,” said David. “Then it turned out to be the best day of my life.”

Like last year’s scratch-off, each Ravens Cash Fantasy ticket features a perforated portion with a special “EXTRA YARDS” code that players can enter online at mdlottery.com/ravens to win premium prizes that include season tickets for life, season tickets for 2010 and 2011, an away-trip with the team, the chance to be a team photographer for a game, framed autographed jerseys and numerous other experiential prizes.