Edgewater Nanny Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

She’d never played the Lottery before and likely wouldn’t have earlier this month if not for a phone call from her boyfriend. The $250,000 second-tier Mega Millions prize that resulted from her first Lottery purchase, the 15th won so far this year in Maryland, has done much to relieve pressure the 24-year old has been experiencing recently.

“I was out doing some errands when my boyfriend called,” she told officials. “He knew I’d be around some Lottery stores and asked me to get a Mega Millions ticket.” It wasn’t until several days after the drawing that she checked her ticket and realized that something extraordinary had happened. “I was freaking out a bit, definitely in shock.” The winner and her boyfriend then spent a week or two seeking advice about handling the $250,000 prize.

The couple bought a house earlier this year so several of their home improvement projects will get a boost from the winnings. Taking care of student and family loans, however, will be the winner’s first priority. The winning ticket was purchased from Lucky’s Suprette, 119 Mayo Road in Edgewater.