Elkridge Man Amazed to be $50,000 Richer

Micheal Reynolds - Amazing 8s

Amazing win for Elkridge man.

Wins Amazing 8s Scratch-off Top Prize

With extra time on his hands this past Friday, Micheal Reynolds played a few Lottery scratch-offs he had in his pocket and ended up finding the ticket that he’d been dreaming about for years.  There he was, alone in his car waiting for his granddaughter’s school bus to drop her off, when Lottery luck found him.  The Amazing 8s scratch-off ticket that he’d bought earlier that morning had delivered a $50,000 win.

Micheal, a builder of research equipment, didn’t believe it at first.  He’d played the game before, he knew how it worked, but could not believe what he was seeing.  “I was just stunned,” he told officials.  He somehow kept the news from his granddaughter and, after bringing her home, went to his wife’s store to tell her.  “She refused to believe it,” said Micheal, “I had to show her the winning ticket before she’d take me seriously.”

The winning Amazing 8s ticket was purchased from an instant ticket vending machine at the Elkridge Exxon station, 7311 Washington Blvd.  The winner plans to use his winnings on some home repair projects.