Elkton Player Outscores Family Scratch-off Fans

Claims $50,000 prize on Gold Rush X100 game

A Cecil County man who just started playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs accomplished a feat that the avid Lottery players in his family still have on their wish lists. He won a $50,000 prize on the Gold Rush X100 scratch-off game!

The 18-year-old purchased his lucky instant ticket at Pleasant Hill Store at 2360 Blue Ball Road in Elkton, where his dad and uncle are regular scratch-off customers. In fact, they play there so regularly the clerks will tell one brother which game the other bought and suggest they try it, too.

The Elkton winner works with his dad and headed to the store Friday afternoon to pick up lunch. “I usually play $5 and $10 games,” he said. The son learned at the store that his uncle had played the $20 Gold Rush X100 game earlier that day — without winning. Since his dad had given him money for lunch, the son bought one of the scratch-offs and used his own cash to buy an Italian sub. What a winning decision! The son scratched off the game’s prize check area and discovered he won the game’s second-tier prize.

“I went home and started showing everybody,” the winner said. His dad, stunned by his son’s win, went online to see how to claim such a big prize. The father of two has won smaller prizes but nothing like his son’s $50,000 score. “I was nervous,” the dad said. “I’m still nervous.”

The pair arrived at Lottery headquarters on Oct. 7 to claim the prize, which the son plans to use to “upgrade” his vehicle and boost his bank account.

The Gold Rush x100 game, which is one of five in the Gold Rush family of scratch-off games, is still packed with prizes. Players can hunt for five unclaimed $1 million top prizes and eight more $50,000 prizes. Other games in this fun family are the $1 Gold Rush x5, $2 Gold Rush x10, $5 Gold Rush x20 and $10 Gold Rush x50 scratch-offs.