Elkton Woman Wins Big Again

Max A Million scratch-off delivers $50,000 prize to lucky lady   

Sometimes Maryland Lottery players are so lucky they win big not just once but twice. Last month, a 70-year-old Elkton scratch-off fan claimed a $100,000 prize on the $10 Bingo Times 10 scratch-off game and turned right around this month to claim a $50,000 prize on the $20 Max A Million scratch-off game.

The two-time winner said she was getting the daily newspaper at Acme Markets #2862 located at 101 Big Elk Mall in Elkton when she decided to purchase five crossword scratch-offs to take home to play later. Then, she thought, why not get a couple of the $20 Max A Million instant tickets, too.

“I don’t normally play the $20 tickets,” she said. “I decided to go ahead and give it a try.”

The Cecil County woman bought the two instant tickets and played them right there in the store. Unfamiliar with the game, she didn’t know if she won so she scanned both games. To her amazement, one of the instant tickets was a $50,000 winner.

“The clerk noticed my expression and knew I had won,” said the winner, smiling. “I still had her scan it and print out the winning message for me.” The lucky lady then went home, called her husband who was out shopping and left a message that she had some good news to share.

“I knew she had won again,” said the winner’s husband, who came home immediately.

The happy couple came the same day to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the $50,000 prize. They shared with Lottery officials their hope that third time’s a charm, which means they may return in April to claim another big Lottery prize.

The couple’s plans for their recent fortune hasn’t changed much from last month. They still plan to use the winnings to travel and to donate to charities. In addition, they may now get a new roof for their home and a new guitar for the husband.

Max A Million still has lots of prizes up for grabs. There are six unclaimed $1 million top prizes as well as 10 available $50,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $20 to $10,000.