Ellerslie Couple Claims $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Becomes 5th Marylander to Win Game’s Second-Tier Prize This Year

Mega MillionsCarlson and Ethel Lewis of Ellerslie made the long drive from Allegany County to Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore today on a very important mission.  They hoped to do away with any and all financial worries hanging over their heads and also lend an assist to their grandkids’ future education plans.  To accomplish this they had only a small piece of paper – luckily for them, that paper was a Mega Millions ticket worth $250,000.

The Lewis’ told officials that while they play Mega Millions often, the lucky ticket was sort of a random purchase.  “I stopped by the store to pick something up and just decided to get a few tickets,” reported Carlson.  The ticket remained in his wallet for two days until Ethel was reading the Sunday paper and decided to check the winning numbers.  Not believing her eyes when number after number matched, she asked her husband to check.

Carlson, an 85-years-old veteran of hard fighting in the Pacific in World War II, told Lottery officials that their winnings will go a long way to freeing them of any financial concerns they might encounter as they enjoy retirement.  “We have the savings we need to live very happily.  This money will help out with any health expenses that might come our way.”  According to Ethel, they also plan to set up college funds for their grand children.

Carlson bumped into his Mega Millions luck at the Jolly Roger Discount Liquors store, located at 440 National Highway in Cumberland.