Ellicott City Contractor Builds Bank Account

Ellicott City resident Chris Eades shows off his Lottery check.

Wins $50,000 top prize playing Gimme 5 scratch-off

A smiling, but low-key James “Chris” Eades arrived at Lottery Headquarters this afternoon to claim his $50,000 Lottery win. Judging by his relaxed appearance, it seemed that Eades had nothing exceptional happening in his life – but his winning scratch-off indicated otherwise.

Eades, a general contractor and restaurant owner, stopped for gas at the Exxon station near his house this morning and purchased the Gimme 5 ticket with the change he received. He scratched it upon returning to his car, saw that it was a winner, and not believing his luck, ran back into the store to check it. After scanning the ticket and seeing the “redeem at Lottery Headquarters” message, he finally accepted that he had, in fact, won $50,000.

The husband and father-of-two has played the Maryland Lottery’s jackpot games for years but only recently began purchasing scratch-offs.  “I’ve been really surprised,” Eades said, “I’ve already won two $600 prizes from other scratch-offs and now $50,000 this morning!”

Eades immediately went home and shared the news with his wife who, of course, was thrilled.  The couple is leaving for a cruise in two weeks and is looking forward to using some of their winnings on the ship.  The rest of the money will be put in the bank and used to pay bills. The winning ticket was purchased at the Ellicott City Exxon located at 4235 Montgomery Rd. in Ellicott City.