Ellicott City Man Knows How to Make a Match

Wins second Bonus Match 5 top prize

An Ellicott City man knew exactly what was going on when he scanned his Bonus Match 5 ticket last week and saw that he had to go to Lottery headquarters. The 54-year-old had seen a similar message seven years ago when he won the game’s top prize. Sure enough, the dedicated player had won the $50,000 top prize for the second time!

The man had been on his way home from church when he decided to stop and check his ticket from the previous evening. “I saw the message on the scanner and went home to share the good news with my wife,” he said. “I wanted her to double check, but I was pretty sure that I had won again.”

Sure enough, the father-of-one had a big winner on his hands. After holding on to his ticket for a couple days, the lucky winner was able to come in to claim his second prize. “My wife already had plans for today,” the man told Lottery officials. “She came last time I won, so it’s not as big of a deal as the first time. Now if I win Mega Millions or Powerball, that’s a whole other story!”

The couple plans to use the money to help their son who is studying to become an engineer and to pay off some bills. “This money will definitely help with my son’s college tuition.” The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 located at 4882 Montgomery Rd. in Ellicott City.