Empty Gas Tank Fuels Potomac Man’s $10,000 Lottery Win

Claims top prize on 10x Cash instant ticket

10x CashA construction manager’s need to fill his empty gas tank on the way home from work fueled his spur-of-the-moment purchase of a Maryland Lottery 10x Cash scratch-off. That decision, made as he paid for his fuel, gave him both a full gas tank and a full wallet.

When he scratched off the ticket, the Potomac man discovered a long line of matches that added up to the game’s top prize of $10,000. The frequent casino visitor told Lottery officials that he is thrilled with his win.

“I don’t play Lottery games too often, just every once in a while,” said the 65-year-old. “I’ve won bigger pots at the casino so I wasn’t shocked, just very, very happy.”

That empty gas tank put him in the right place – the Olney Shell station at 18040 Georgia Avenue – at the right time.

“I went in to pay and there were the Lottery tickets,” said the Montgomery County resident. “I closed my eyes, spun my hand around and pointed and came up with this one.”

He plans to dedicate his winnings to reducing debt. The lucky winner also plans to focus a bit more on Lottery products when he is in a gaming mood. “Maybe I’ve used up my Lottery luck, but maybe I haven’t,” he said.

Winners have claimed 83 of the 85 top prizes on the 10x Cash game, leaving two $10,000 winners up for grabs at Lottery retailers. The $10 game also has plenty of other prizes left ranging from $10 to $1,000.