Engineer Builds Up Savings with $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

$2,000,000 Fortune game yields another big win

An engineer from Montgomery County is building on his wealth with a $50,000 win on the Maryland Lottery’s new $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-off. A few of his friends were talking about the $30 instant ticket, so the 49-year-old decided to try his luck.

The big winner was out buying dinner for his family when he took a detour to purchase a few of the $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-offs. He wandered into Dash In #14331 located at 401 Thompson’s Creek Road in Stevensville and bought three of the instant tickets. The Montgomery Village resident scratched off the games in the convenience store.

“I saw the $50,000 on the ticket under a matching number, but I still wasn’t sure,” he said, smiling. “I looked at it closer when I got home and then realized I won.”

The excited player wanted to confirm his Lottery luck so he went to another retailer to scan the instant ticket. When the message said to claim his prize at Lottery headquarters, the happy player was finally convinced of his win. He shared the news with a few family members, who were all very excited for him. One of those people was his brother-in-law, who accompanied him to headquarters. “It’s so good to see regular people win,” he said.

The excited winner locked the ticket in a safe and admitted to having a very relaxing weekend. “It’s just an ease of mind knowing that I could take care of some of my debt,” he said, “and, have no money worries.”

In addition to paying off debts, the soon-to-be married man plans to spend some of the prize on his upcoming wedding and will save the rest.

This is the third $50,000 prize claimed on the $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-off. There are 13 $50,000 prizes remaining as well as four $2 million top prizes!