Entrepreneur Cleans Up with $54,542 Racetrax Win

This lucky Bowie mother of three is going to Las Vegas with her Racetrax win!

Cleaning business owner making plans to spend prize on vacation

A Bowie businesswoman is planning a fabulous Las Vegas getaway vacation after winning $54,542 on a $1 Racetrax Superfecta bet!

“Cherry Vacation,” a mother of three and a daily Racetrax player, has won a few times over the past couple of years, she said, but nothing this big.

“I don’t have a strategy when it comes to betting,” said the happy player when asked about methods she uses to pick her winners. “I just take numbers that I come across in my life — numbers that jump out at me. I have won $1,500, $700 and $500 a couple of times playing Racetrax. Whatever I am doing, it is working!”

Her lucky Superfecta combination this time were horses 11, 8, 2 and 10 — in that order. She placed her bet at Seabrook BP for 10 draws and added the Bonus multiplier feature.

The 63-year-old Prince George’s County native plans to stay at her favorite luxury resort in Las Vegas, thanks to her prize. Although she plans to keep her win under wraps, the loyal Lottery player will still spread her winnings around. She has other plans for her windfall, too.

“I will use this money to pay off some of my debts and make a donation to my church,” said “Cherry Vacation.” She added, “I will also take my chances on the big game: Powerball!

Seabrook BP also shares in the big win. The lucky Prince George’s County retailer located at 9501 Lanham Severn Road in Seabrook earns a $545 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more.

Racetrax is an exciting computer-animated Lottery game that offers the thrill of horse racing and the payout and prizes of a Keno game. To learn more about Racetrax, click here.