Errand Leads Pikesville Woman to $10,000 5 Card Cash Prize

A friend’s bad mood sent a Pikesville Lottery player on an unforgettable errand that put a $10,000 winning 5 Card Cash ticket in her hands.

The lady’s lucky day came on a Friday. The Baltimore County resident visited a friend, only to find her pal was feeling upset, and decided to make a trip to Doc’s F&B Liquors in Glen Burnie to buy a bottle of wine. While there, the information technology technician remembered she still needed to check a few Lottery tickets she had purchased earlier, too.

“I had a $4 winning Multi-Match ticket,” said the 53-year-old. “So, I used two of those dollars to purchase one 5 Card Cash ticket.”

The lucky player put the ticket away and went on with her evening. The next day, when she checked her ticket and saw a Royal Flush, she thought she might have a big winner.

“I play this game sometimes, but I still get a little confused,” said the winner. “So, I took a picture (of my ticket) and send it to my aunt.” Unfortunately, her aunt did not know if the ticket was a winner either.

The player’s next step was to scan the ticket at a local Lottery retailer. She did so and, up popped the message, “Congratulations! You are a $10,000 winner!” Her winning hand contained an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 of Hearts.

The happy winner, still in a bit of shock, told Lottery officials she plans to buy stocks with her prize.

The 5 Card Cash game gives players two chances to win — instantly and through a daily drawing.

The Anne Arundel County retailer that sold the $10,000 winning 5 Card Cash ticket is a happy camper, too. Doc’s F&B Liquors located at 7067 B&A Boulevard will receive a $100 bonus from the Lottery, equal to 1 percent of the prize.