Essex Player Wide-Eyed After $1 Million Scratch-off Win

Gold Rush X100 game’s top prize will provide cushion for the future

How would you react if you suddenly became a millionaire? An Essex auto mechanic’s eyes got wider with glee with every zero he saw before him on a Gold Rush X100 scratch-off. The happy 44-year-old found the game’s second $1 million top prize!

The winner told Maryland Lottery officials he has worked as a mechanic, keeping folks on the road, for nearly 20 years. The Baltimore County man bought the $1 million winning scratch-off about a week ago along with a batch of instant tickets. Following his routine, the loyal player cashed in several winning scratch-offs at Lottery retailer Norman’s Liquor Store in Essex on that lucky day and purchased a handful of new games to enjoy.

“I usually purchase a few tickets, and if I’m lucky, I’ll collect my winnings and use that for any future Lottery purchases,” he said.

The player scratched the instant tickets later that night while unwinding. When he revealed an automatic-win emblem on the Gold Rush X100 scratch-off, he assumed the still-hidden prize was small. He even joked about it with his wife!

“I asked her how much she thought it might be,” he said. “I was thinking $20 and she guessed $50. Then, when I scratched it off, my hands just started to shake.”

Startled by what they saw, the winner and his wife passed the $20 game back and forth. They also scanned it with the Lottery mobile app to confirm the $1 million prize. They claimed their prize after a long week of waiting. The pair plans to pay off bills and take care of a few home maintenance projects with the winnings and save the rest of the prize for the future.

The Gold Rush X100 scratch-off is a member of the Gold Rush family of games that went on sale in May. This win leaves the $20 game with five more $1 million prizes, 10 $50,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of other prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000. Other games in this fun family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $10 Gold Rush X50 scratch-offs.