Extreme 8s Ticket Proves Extremely Lucky for Temple Hills Woman

Pockets $50,000 scratch-off win

Extreme 8sEveryday, a Temple Hills woman goes to the store to purchase a $10 scratch-off, hoping to get lucky. Last Monday, she decided to deviate from her usual routine and selected a $5 Extreme 8s scratch-off instead. Despite not picking a winner, the determined woman purchased another Extreme 8s ticket and was shocked to see that she had won $50,000.

The 68-year-old woman had only scratched half of the second ticket before rushing back home. “I knew that this was a big one and went to finish checking the ticket at home,” she told Lottery officials cheerfully. Sure enough, every number on her ticket was a winner. After a quick call to her sister, the woman waited anxiously for her husband of 41 years to return home.

“The first things she said to me was that she hit the Lottery for $50,000,” her husband shared. “I just congratulated her. That’s pretty exciting news to come home to.”

The couple plans to save their winnings for now, opting to take their time before making any big decisions. “We’ll take this win one day at a time,” the woman said. The scratch-off enthusiast purchased her extreme ticket at Total Save at 3745 Branch Ave. in Temple Hills.

The winning ticket was purchased at the Long Ford Gulf on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.