Extremely Lucky $50,000 Win

Beltsville grandmother wins top prize playing Extreme 8s scratch-off

Extreme 8sAn ‘extremely lucky’ Lottery player came to Lottery Headquarters today to claim a $50,000 win.  The woman, who won the top prize on the Extreme 8s scratch-off, is a self-proclaimed “scratch-off superfan” who enjoys playing the games.

The winner, a 65-year-old Beltsville resident who chose to remain anonymous, brought her long-time fiancé and daughter to claim her big win.  She shared her story with Lottery officials: “I bought five tickets and immediately sat down to scratch them,” she said.  “As soon I started scratching the second one, I felt lucky and I was right.  I am so happy!”  Her daughter added, “This is by far the most my mom has ever won, but she loves scratch-offs so much that she bought five more before claiming her prize this morning!”

The mother-of-three and grandmother-of-five has no immediate plans for her winnings but said she’s going to consider her spending very carefully.  As she was heading toward the exit, the happy winner made sure to add, “I’ll see you soon!  My win will be even bigger next time…I promise!”

The winning ticket was purchased at Calverton Liquors, located at 11717 Beltsville Dr. in Beltsville.