Fallston Cashier Rings Up a $30,000 Win

Takes home top prize on Fruit Twist Crossword scratch-off

Fruit Twist CrosswordA 22-year-old Fallston woman visited Lottery Headquarters today to claim a $30,000 scratch-off prize won playing the Fruit Twist Crossword game.  The circumstances of her win remind us all that it almost always pays off to get wherever you’re going a little early.

“I made good time driving to work that day,” reported the grocery store cashier.  “So I stopped at a gas station on my way to get a Lottery ticket to help pass the time.”  She only plays occasionally, she told officials, and chose her winning ticket, Fruit Twist Crossword, completely randomly.  “I just asked for the first ticket I saw. I didn’t know a thing about it.”

She scratched her ticket once she arrived at work, before starting her shift.  “I just stared at it for several minutes – I knew it couldn’t be what it looked like.  There was no way I’d just won $30,000.”  Finally believing what she was seeing, she called her parents with the news.  “They thought at first something was wrong, but when I calmed down and told them about the ticket they didn’t believe me.”

Today’s winner will dedicate some of her winnings to college tuition and put the rest in savings.  Her lucky lottery retailer is the Fallston Shell station, located at 2401 Belair Road in Fallston.