Family Birthdays and Number 7 Bring Big Keno Win

Harford County couple takes home $10,018

A Bel Air family was enjoying lunch Saturday at a local restaurant when Lottery luck shined on their gathering. The wife decided to play a few games of Keno and they left with a $10,018 prize.

“I normally play family birthdays, but my mom suggested I add some 7s to the play card,” said the 36-year-old wife. “I added 7, 17 and 77 and those numbers with the birthdays came out on the third game.”

Snack House in Bel Air, which was the site of her win, lacks a Keno screen so the family watched the games play on her smartphone. When her numbers came out, she could not believe it and handed the ticket to her 53-year-old husband to verify the win.

“We left the restaurant and I took the ticket to another Lottery retailer the next day to make sure it was really a winning ticket,” he said. “The cashier told me it was too high to cash there and handed me the printout of the prize amount.”

Stunned, the couple knew they had to come to Lottery headquarters to claim the prize. They plan to spend their winnings on home improvements and to purchase a car for their son.

The lucky retailer is Snack House located at 696-A Baltimore Pike. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 and up, the retailer will receive a $100.18 bonus from the Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize.