Family Birthdays Prove Lucky for Keno Player

Lusby Woman Wins $30,000 at Lunch

Getting together with friends for a meal is always fun, but for a Calvert County couple, lunch this past Saturday was particularly memorable. The main course was very good, they told Lottery officials, and the service was top-notch, but it was the side order of Keno that made the meal one they’d never forget.

“We’d finished eating and were talking about various things going on in our lives,” our winner reported. “I had played a Keno card earlier and, while I was talking, started to notice some recognizable numbers popping up.” Her attention now focused on the Keno screen, the Lusby woman, a self-employed business owner, fell silent. When the game was over, she calmly asked her husband to check her numbers – all family birthdays. “When he said that all eight were there I was shocked, I just couldn’t believe it.” The $30,000 win is the biggest ever for the long-time lottery player. “I’ve had luck before, but nothing like this.”

The Keno winners plan to devote much of their winnings to their business. “It’s been a tough couple of years for us,” the winner said. “This will definitely help.” The winning ticket was purchased at Boomerang Ribs, 13820 Solomons Island Rd. in Solomons.