Family Keeps Winning with Wild Cherries Scratch-offs

Daughter, father claim four wins of $10,000 and $500

Wild-Cherries-ITVMThe Mayes family of Baltimore keeps winning with the Maryland Lottery’s Wild Cherries scratch-offs.

Angela Mayes and her father both won with four Wild Cherries scratch-offs in the last two years. Her dad won $500 three times playing the hot ticket; twice two weeks ago and once last year, she said. With that in mind, Angela recently decided to try her luck with that ticket at their lucky Lottery retailer, Compass Express at 3 Compass Road in Baltimore. Imagine her delight when her scratch-off win not only topped her dad’s wins but also was the Wild Cherries game’s final $10,000 top-tier prize!

The 31-year-old thinks the key to their good fortune is their lucky store.

“It’s our favorite place to buy tickets because we’ve been so lucky when we get them from there,” she said. “Even though my dad had won several times, I had no idea I’d win this time or this much. I was so shocked that I couldn’t walk and had to call my cousin to pick me up!”

Her retailer is just as happy as the father-daughter team of scratch-off players. “We are extremely excited that Angela won,” said Pelly Patel, manager of Compass Express. “We know Angela and her dad very well so it’s great when you see some of your good loyal customers win big.”

Angela plans to save most of her winnings for the future and use some of it to pay her rent.

Although there are no top prizes left on the Wild Cherries ticket, there are still lots of prize-winning Wild Cherries tickets awaiting discovery in Maryland stores. The $2 scratch-off launched in 2012 has three $500 winners outstanding, 98 $100 winners and more than 30,000 lower-tier winners.