Family Stakes Claim on Lucky Steak House Scratch-off

Mom wins $30,000 top prize playing Bonus Crossword game

137-Bonus-Crossword-ITVMThe family that plays scratch-offs together, wins together! A Brooklyn resident brought her happy family with her to stake their claim on a $30,000 top-prize-winning Bonus Crossword scratch-off bought at their lucky local store, Steak House Food Market.

“When I first scratched the ticket, I thought it was a $5,000 winner,” she said. “My hands started shaking, I just couldn’t believe it.” The 38-year-old woman, her husband and grandmother left their lucky Anne Arundel County store and stopped at an Expanded Cashing Authority Program Lottery retailer qualified to cash a prize that size.

“I handed the ticket to the clerk,” said the mother of three. “He noticed my shaking hands so I told him I was incredibly nervous and excited.” After running the $3 ticket through the terminal, the clerk paused, smiled and handed it back. “He told me that if I thought it was exciting to win $5,000, then I hadn’t seen anything yet.”

This $30,000 win will make a big difference in her family’s life, said the Baltimore-area woman. “I have money set aside to pay bills, for the kids’ college and a new car. All three accounts will get a boost.”

Bonus Crossword debuted in May and, until today, had awarded only one of its 10 $30,000 top prizes. For selling the winning ticket, Steak House Food Market at 5023 Ritchie Highway in Brooklyn will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.