Fan of The Price is Right® Scratch-off Commercials Wins $50,000

Early morning play delivers big win

A scratch-off fan from Fort Washington found his lucky payday on his way to work last weekend. The 39-year-old made a morning pit stop at his local 7-Eleven for his routine workday cup of coffee and a scratch-off.

Facing the extensive variety of games, the lucky player knew right away which scratch-off he hoped to find. He had seen TV commercials for the $10 The Price is Right® scratch-off and wanted to “Come on Down!” and win big.

He bought two of the instant tickets and his coffee. The loyal player then scratched both games off while he was still at 7-Eleven #36867, which is located at 418 Allied Place in Gaithersburg. He had no luck with the first game and started scratching the other one. He won $50,000!

This win tops his former previous big prize of $500. The happy man plans to use the money toward bills and to help some of his family members.

The Price is Right® scratch-off game launched on April 22, 2019. There are still 10 $100,000 prizes and 13 $50,000 prizes awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers across the state. If you have a non-winning The Price is Right® scratch-off, make sure you enter it into the second-chance promotion for a chance to win up to $100,000. For details, visit