Fan’s Big Scratch-off Win Makes New Year Instantly Better

Caroline County’s “Big Scratcher” won $20,000 instantly after playing the $100,000 Instant Jackpot scratch-off game.

Lucky lady takes home $20,000 prize playing $100,000 Instant Jackpot game

A Caroline County woman is now calling herself “Big Scratcher” for a reason. The 45-year-old, who is a major scratch-off fan, made her New Year instantly better with a $20,000 win on the $100,000 Instant Jackpot game.

The scratch-off enthusiast follows a routine when it comes to purchasing her scratch-off games. Last week, she was on her way to visit a relative and stopped at U5 Foods located at 8117 Ocean Gateway in Easton to purchase some of her favorite games.

“I had just won $40 playing some tickets, so I used that to purchase four of the $100,000 Instant Jackpot games,” she said.

However, “Big Scratcher” didn’t scratch the games this time. Instead, she took the short cut by scanning their prize check area. The last instant ticket in the bunch showed the $20,000 prize.

“When I saw two zeroes and a comma, I was like, ‘Whoa,’ ” said the happy player, smiling.

“Big Scratcher” called her husband immediately to tell him the good news. At first, he thought she was kidding.

“I didn’t believe her until I heard the shake in her voice,” said “Big Scratcher’s” husband. He accompanied her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prize.

The receptionist shared her great news with her two adult children and two grandchildren. She says this win is a blessing and plans to use most of the good fortune to catch up on bills.

The $100,000 Instant Jackpot game, which launched in late December, is still full of prizes. Remaining on the game are all eight $100,000 top prizes, eight $20,000 prizes, 23 $10,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.