FAST PLAY Jackpot Party Ticket Delivers $50,000 Prize

Washington County winner claims prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters

A Washington County player is now $50,000 richer after buying a winning ticket in the FAST PLAY Jackpot Party game.

The Hagerstown resident won instantly by matching one of his numbers in the play area with one of the five winning numbers, which happened to be lucky number 13. The 61-year-old purchased the $10 game at Sheetz #184 located at 12404 Lager Avenue in Hagerstown.

The Jackpot Party game joined the FAST PLAY lineup in April and is one of 18 games available. Players have 22 chances to win the game’s 39 progressive jackpot prizes, 59 remaining $50,000 prizes, 73 $10,000 prizes and more than one million prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.