Father-Daughter Dinner Date Leads to $10,000 Scratch-off Prize

Marcus Anderson of Philadelphia came home to Maryland to find a $10,000 winning Bonus 7-11-21 scratch-off prize.

Philadelphia man claims top prize on Bonus 7-11-21 game

Coming home to his native state of Maryland paid off in a very big way for Marcus Anderson of Philadelphia, who often visits family members here. He made the trip to Baltimore on Thursday not to see loved ones but to collect a $10,000 prize he won in May playing the Maryland Lottery’s Bonus 7-11-21 scratch-off game.

“I was back in Maryland last month for a dinner date with my daughter, something we try to do as often as we can,” said the 52-year-old mental health worker. “I stopped for gas on the way home and decided to get some scratch tickets.”

Never having played the Bonus 7-11-21 game before, Marcus made sure to include it among his purchases from Royal Farms in Port Deposit.

Almost a week later, he scratched his big winner during a work break. “I saw right away that my numbers added up to 11, which meant I’d won $10,000. It couldn’t be true, of course, so I kept staring at it. I think I put it down and picked it up to look again almost 20 times.”

He immediately called his daughter to tell her the good news. “It really was just an awesome feeling,” said the happy dad.

He plans to pay off a longtime bill with his $10,000 windfall and upgrade his next family dining experience. “I’m going to find the best restaurant in town wherever we meet for our next father-daughter dinner,” he said, “we’re going top notch, all the way.”

Royal Farms #94 at 1336 Jacob Tome Highway in Port Deposit delivered his lucky scratch-off. The Bonus 7-11-21 game has three more $10,000 top prizes available along with thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000.