Father-Daughter Scratch-off Team Discover $10,000 Top Prize

Find Lottery luck with 10x Cash instant ticket

196-10x-Cash-ITVM_P1-blueA Laurel dad who shares his love of playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs with his adult daughter handed her a real doozy of an unscratched 10x Cash ticket recently. That $10 scratch-off carried one of the game’s $10,000 top prizes!

The daughter, who lives in Fairfield, Pa., visits her dad regularly to help him because he currently lives alone. She was at his home the day he brought the lucky ticket through the door.

“I had stopped in the gas station in Laurel on my way to work to get coffee,” said the 62-year-old father of two. The self-employed auto mechanic also bought two 10x Cash scratch-offs and one $5 scratch-off at the Shell at 9280 All Saints Road in Laurel. When he got home from work later that day, the loyal player and his daughter scratched the tickets together, with very different results.

“Mine didn’t win,” he said. “I got to tear mine up.”

His daughter got to come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the ticket’s top prize! The 38-year-old woman plans to spend the prize helping her dad relocate to Pennsylvania so he can live near her home.

The 10x Cash game still has 46 top prizes of $10,000 and 26 prizes of $1,000 waiting to be claimed. Try your luck at any of the more than 4,500 Lottery retailers across the state, including the dad’s lucky Shell station in Laurel, which also sold a $50,000 top-prize-winning Bonus Match 5 ticket for the May 26 drawing. That winner has not yet stepped forward to claim the prize.