Father-Daughter Team $ees Happy Times Ahead After $100,000 Lottery Win

“Melissa & James” see happy times ahead after claiming a $100,000 top prize on the $100 Grand scratch-off.

Pair splits top prize on $100 Grand scratch-off

A happy father-daughter scratch-off team is $100,000 richer after claiming the top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s $100 Grand game this week.

“Melissa & James” of Hagerstown found their way to the Lottery Winner’s Circle after buying several instant tickets together. The 56-year-old dad made the lucky decision to make one more pit stop at Summit Liquors in town on his way home from a cookout.

“I bought two more and stuck them in my glove compartment with the other two and they kept falling out,” he said.

After “James” returned home and settled in for the night, he remembered the instant tickets. The loyal player began scratching them off and noticed a match with the number 45. As he revealed the size of their prize, the Washington County resident saw many zeros following the number one.

“I began to count the zeros and when I got to five, I realized we had won $100,000!” said “James.”

“I was getting very excited and loud and my wife instructed me to ‘calm down and lower my voice!’ ” His next move was to call his 33-year-old daughter and tell her the good news.

“I asked my dad if he was seeing correctly and to make sure he had his glasses on,” said “Melissa.” “We have never won like this before, so I needed to make sure he was seeing things clearly!”

The windfall will help both of them pay off bills. “Melissa” also plans to put a down payment on her first home with the prize and take a little vacation in the future.

The lucky Washington County retailer is also a winner. Summit Liquors located at 1003 West Washington Street earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize scratch-off.

The $10 game is still packed with prizes. Players can look for two more top prizes, two $20,000 prizes and nine $10,000 prizes.