Father/Son Duo Keeps $20,000 Scratch-off Prize in the Family

Pair find luck playing $100 Grand game

A Middle River father and son scratch-off duo plan to keep their $20,000 win on a $100 Grand scratch-off a secret from everyone except those they’ll share the wealth with – their immediate family.

The close-knit group includes four brothers who work together in the roofing business. They can thank their lucky stars that their dad is a loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off player! He visited Royal Farms #93 at 1915 Belair Road in Fallston on Nov. 24 and made a choice that will give all of them a brighter holiday season. Dad faced a dilemma – put his $10 toward two $5 holiday scratch-offs or buy one $100 Grand instant ticket. Luckily for his family, the grandfather of five selected the $100 Grand game!

He scratched it off in the store and immediately spotted the money sack symbol. Below that symbol were two words every scratch-off player hopes to see: “Win All.” The lucky player could have added up all 25 prizes on the scratch-off to total his prize but, instead, opted to scan the instant ticket using the store’s ticket checker. The happy winner verified with a clerk that the ticket scanner verdict was correct. Yes, indeed, his prize was so large that he and his son had to bring the scratch-off to Lottery headquarters to claim their prize.

The happy dad arrived at the Lottery’s office on Nov. 27 accompanied by his 28-year-old son. “It is a nice Christmas present,” the father said. After catching up on bills, the duo will spread the wealth and help the family enjoy a big holiday.

Many prizes remain unclaimed in this $10 game, including seven more $100,000 top prizes and eight more $20,000 prizes. Also unclaimed are thousands of winning $100 Grand instant tickets with prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.