Final Letter Turns into $25,000 Scratch-off Win for Baltimore Woman

Claims top prize on the Maryland Lottery’s Cash Word scratch-off

CashwordAn administrative assistant from Baltimore knew that only one letter stood in her way of winning $25,000 on her Cash Word scratch-off.

All the 55-year-old needed was for the letter “F” to appear on her ticket. Sure enough, the very last letter she revealed in the Call Letter box, turned out to be her desperately needed letter “F.”

Completely shocked, she asked her husband to take a look at the ticket to make sure she wasn’t seeing things. “We both just looked at it for a while,” she said.

Finally convinced that she had a top-prize winner, the lucky woman stowed the scratch-off in her pocketbook until she could come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore the next day to claim her prize.

The couple agreed to keep the good news just between them. “This is such a big secret,” she said. “We haven’t told anyone about this yet!”

The woman plans to put the money toward a down payment on a house in Patterson Park. “It’s a blessing; a true blessing,” the woman shared. “This has been a long time coming.”

The lucky lady purchased her $2 Cash Word scratch-off at Novak’s Food Market located at 2054 E. Federal St. in Baltimore.