Finding $100,000 Crossword Fortune is Family Affair for Barista

Dundalk woman wins top prize on $10 scratch-off

Whipping up drinks that deliver a jolt to the system is all in a day’s work for a busy Inner Harbor area barista. But last week, the purveyor of percolated products received her own jolt by winning a top prize on a $100,000 Crossword scratch-off.

The buzz from the win had hardly worn off when the lucky 26-year-old Dundalk resident claimed her $100,000 prize with several family members in tow. She told Lottery officials that, like all things, the win was a family affair. The Baltimore County resident said her father often purchases scratch-offs after a hard day of work refinishing floors, and distributes the games to family members when he comes home. After receiving one of these scratch-off gifts last week, our winner began to play the game. She eventually tallied 10 words and won the instant ticket’s big prize.

Astounded by the result, the entire family gathered around to examine the lucky scratch-off. “There was laughing and smiling as everyone checked the ticket,” said the winner.

Although nothing is decided, the family has spent lots of time discussing how best to use the $100,000 prize. The top ideas, so far, are a deluxe kitchen remodel or buying a vacation home in Mexico.

Her lucky scratch-off came from White Marsh Newsstand located in the White Marsh Mall at 8200 Perry Hall Boulevard in Baltimore. For selling a top-prize winning scratch-off of $100.000, the lucky retailer earns a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery.

There are still three unclaimed top prizes in this game, which went on sale across the state on Nov. 26.