First-Time Bonus Match 5 Player Claims Top Prize

Waldorf man takes home $50,000 prize on popular game

Following a cashier’s suggestion to try a different Maryland Lottery game paid off for a Waldorf financial adviser , who won the $50,000 top prize playing Bonus Match 5.

He routinely plays Mega Millions and Powerball. When the cashier at Charles Station in Waldorf suggested the lucky player try Bonus Match 5, the 42-year-old agreed to buy a $2 ticket. He had never played the game so he listened carefully as the cashier explained the rules.

“He really broke it down,” said the big winner. “I purchased a quick-pick ticket and then went to work.”

Later that evening, the Charles County man pulled up the Lottery’s website to check results of the May 3 drawing. He noticed he had five matching numbers, but still was unsure about the win.

“I had to go and read the instructions to the game,” said the happy husband. When he realized his prize was $50,000, he thought, “This can’t be real, I never win anything.”

The married father of one called his wife to share the great news. “She laughed in disbelief and told me to send her a picture,” he said, smiling. His wife then did her own investigation, pulling up a press release on about the store that sold the winning ticket.

“She said, ‘Well, it looks like it was purchased at the little spot where you always go,’ ” the husband recalled. The dubious winner then took his ticket to a local Lottery retailer and checked it one more time using the store’s ticket checker.

He plans to use some of the prize to complete his deck, which was already under construction, and will invest the rest of the prize.

His lucky retailer, Charles Station, is also a winner. For selling the top-prize winning ticket in the game, the retailer located at 3030 St. Charles Way in Waldorf will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.