First-Time Player Wins $100,000 Playing 10X Payday Payout Scratch-Off

Wirginia resident believed he won $10,000 until visting Maryland Lottery Headquarters

The 35-year-old Virginia resident watched his longtime friend play Maryland Lottery scratch-offs quite frequently. Yet despite his buddy’s enjoyment for the games, the native of Ethiopia was reluctant to engage in his own Lottery play.

Finally, after much encouragement, he decided to try his luck and bought just one 10X Payday Payout scratch-off. “My friend would always play the $1 and $2 scratch-offs but I decided to go for the $10 ticket,” said the lucky player. That was all it took. It did, however, take some time to discover the enormity of his newfound wealth.

“I thought I had won $10,000,” he said. It wasn’t until arriving at Lottery Headquarters with his new fiancé by his side that he discovered that his prize was actually tens times that amount. “The Lottery claims official handed me a paper that said I had won $100,000 — what a big difference,” he said.

The winner plans to use his prize money to start his own business while continuing to attend school. The lucky win occurred at Washington Mart, located at 2145 Crain Hwy., in Waldorf.