First Time’s the Charm for Charm City Man

James Johnson Jr - Super Jackpot

James Johnson Jr. of Baltimore City won $250,000 playing the Super Jackpot
scratch-off game, which was his first scratch-off ticket ever purchased.

Takes home $250,000 on first scratch-off purchase

Lottery player James Johnson Jr. of Baltimore City got a life-changing tip from his ex-wife when he talked about needing a new lucky number to play. She suggested he try scratch-offs instead.

Following her advice, the Charm City man picked out a $250,000 Super Jackpot scratch-off to play. The novice scratch-off player initially became confused when he saw that every single number on his ticket was a winner – to the tune of $250,000.

Not too many people can boast that they won a $250,000 top prize on one of their first scratch-off purchases. “I called my ex-wife and her husband, since they’re more familiar with the games,” James said. “I didn’t know what it meant at first when all the numbers matched.”

When they confirmed that James did, indeed, have a winner on his hands, the father-of-two hid the ticket in a drawer until he could bring it to Lottery headquarters the next day. “I wasn’t too worried about the ticket since I hadn’t told anyone else about it at that point,” he said. The trio brought the lucky ticket to Lottery headquarters together.

James plans to buy a new furnace for his home and use some of the money to help restore his three antique cars. “I have three cars from 1987 that I’m working on now,” he shared. “This will definitely help me fix them up.”

James found his super jackpot at Beauty Plus at 328 W. Eutaw St. in Baltimore City. There are two remaining $250,000 Super Jackpot top-tier prizes available.