Fisherman Lands Big Lottery Catch: $1 Million Max A Million Prize

“Lucky Fisherman” is the winner of a $1 million top prize on the Max A Million scratch-off game.

Laurel man claims prize day before 53rd birthday

A man from Laurel whose birthday is April 23 had more to celebrate this year after picking up a Max A Million $20 scratch-off on Easter Sunday. The ticket turned out to be a $1 million winner.

“My birthday’s tomorrow. It’ll be my best one ever,” the winner said while collecting his winnings at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Following his mother’s lead, he is a loyal Lottery player, and like his mom, he has practical plans for his winnings. His mother won Pick 4 several years ago and scored enough money to buy a car. The new millionaire, an avid angler who fishes the Chesapeake Bay, will be getting a new vehicle as well – and then some.

“I’m going to buy a house, a truck and a boat,” he said. The boat, of course, will be for fishing, according to the winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous but is going by the alias “Lucky Fisherman.” His luck began on a recent Chesapeake rockfish excursion when he boated a 43-inch catch.

The “Lucky Fisherman” decided to try a Max A Million scratch-off when he stopped for coffee on Sunday. His brother, who accompanied him to claim his prize, was skeptical about the purchase, but ended up being proven wrong.

Though tickled about his win and excited about his plans for the money, “Lucky Fisherman” expects he’ll keep working. He picked up his winnings during a break from his job and, while the amount is life changing, it’s not enough to retire on just yet.

“It’s a blessing,” he said, adding that it is one of many blessings, “I’m healthy, my wife is healthy, my kids are healthy. I’m happy!”

As of the most recent tally, Max A Million was in the No. 8 slot on the Maryland Lottery Top 40 Scratch-Off chart. After “Lucky Fisherman’s” $1 million top prize score, five of seven top prizes remain unclaimed, along with dozens of others ranging from $5,000 to $50,000.

For selling a top prize scratch off ticket, “Lucky Fisherman’s” coffee stop spot, the Laurel Exxon gas station at 801 Washington Boulevard in Laurel, picks up a bonus of $1,000, equal to 1 percent of the prize total.