Fishing Trip Delivers Sizeable Catch

Darryl Hollowell - Instant Riches

Darryl Hollowell reels in big Lottery win.

New Carrollton Man Wins $50,000 Playing Instant Riches Scratch-off

It was pretty early Sunday morning when Darryl Hollowell stopped by his favorite Lottery store…on his way to his favorite fishing spot. He wanted to check his Powerball tickets and buy a scratch-off, maybe get a little spending money for lunch. Darryl better have a very large appetite, because he won $50,000 on the Instant Riches scratch-off.

“I’d had luck with Instant Riches before,” he told Lottery officials when asked why he chose that specific scratch game from the Instant Ticket Vending machine.  “I scratched it right there and could not believe my eyes, I just said ‘Wow.’”  Alone in the store at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, he had no one to share in his celebration. “I ended up calling my friend, waking him up with my news.”

Darryl went on with his plans yesterday morning and added a few four-pound catfish to the day’s catch.  “It was my best day fishing in a long time.”  Recently employed after being out of work for nearly two years, Darryl intends to rebuild his savings with the big win.  “It’s been pretty rough this year.  This comes at the perfect time for me.”  The winning ticket was purchased at Forbes BP Gas Station, located at 9701 Annapolis Rd. in Lanham.