Fitness Coordinator Exercises Right to Win Bonus Match 5

Brendon Michaels - Bonus Match 5

Lottery play pays off for Baltimore resident, Brendon Michaels.

$50,000 top prize for matching all five numbers

A Carroll Community College fitness coordinator has found another way to increase his heart rate. Brendon Michaels’ palpitations came by way of a $50,000 Bonus Match 5 jackpot win. Last week, the 36-year-old Baltimore man matched all five numbers to take home the top-tier prize.

Friends and co-workers are not surprised to see Michaels play the Lottery, but were startled with news of the win last Wednesday. Brendon is known as a Lottery fan. “I’m president of the college’s Lottery club,” Michaels said. He organizes the weekly Powerball and Mega Millions pools and keeps his tickets in an organizer he jokingly calls his Lottery portfolio.

Michaels discovered his win while watching a televised holiday special. He decided to check his numbers at the Lottery website. When he saw the results they jumped out at him. “Each number had a seven in it, just like my ticket,” he said. He immediately texted his friends ‘It’s for real,’ and included a photo of the winning ticket.

The lucky winner plans to purchase a car with his prize money. “My poor car is on its last leg,” he explained. He had been looking for a replacement for the 200,000 mile vehicle, but his recent jackpot makes it easier. “I have some debts, but now they’re gone,” said Michaels with a smile. The winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 convenience store, located at 1101 North Calvert St .in Baltimore.